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What Works with George Joseph

This was recorded in October 2020, as part of Black History Month, and then I immediately caught COVID and was off the radar for several weeks. What Works will be gett...

What Works with Prof Gabriella Vigliocco

Sophie Scott from UCL PALS talks to Gabriella Vigliocco about her life and research, and her interest in science fiction, and being a scientist parent.

What works....with John Morton

John is a pioneer of cognitive theories that explain and predict behaviour. His model of word recognition, the logogen model, has been enduringly influential.

What Works...With Lasana Harris

A discussion about life and science and careers with Dr Lasana Harris from UCL's Dept of Experimental Psychology

What Works...For Val Hazan

A discussion with Prof Valerie Hazan

What works...for Essi Viding

An interview with Professor Essi Viding

What Works...for Tim Shallice

A UCL PALS podcast in which Sophie Scott discusses life and science with Tim Shallice, a key figure in cognitive neuropsychology and cognitive neuroscience.

What Works.....for Patrick Haggard

UCL PALS' Professor Patrick Haggard talks about life, family, science and academia with Professor Sophie Scott

What Works...for Elizabeth Wonnacott

UCL's Dr Liz Wonnacott discusses language, development and her research career with Sophie Scott

What Works....for Antonia Hamilton

Sophie Scott talks to her colleague Prof Antonia Hamilton about Antonia's life and career in science, and her experiences developing her own lab

Sophie Scott