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What Works with Prof Gabriella Vigliocco

Sophie Scott from UCL PALS talks to Gabriella Vigliocco about her life and research, and her interest in science fiction, and being a scientist parent.

What works....with John Morton

John is a pioneer of cognitive theories that explain and predict behaviour. His model of word recognition, the logogen model, has been enduringly influential.

What Works...With Lasana Harris

A discussion about life and science and careers with Dr Lasana Harris from UCL's Dept of Experimental Psychology

What Works...For Val Hazan

A discussion with Prof Valerie Hazan

What works...for Essi Viding

An interview with Professor Essi Viding

What Works...for Tim Shallice

A UCL PALS podcast in which Sophie Scott discusses life and science with Tim Shallice, a key figure in cognitive neuropsychology and cognitive neuroscience.

Sophie Scott